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When using the inquiry service on this website, we may acquire personal information such as name, e-mail address, address etc.

《About the use of personal information》

We will use acquired personal information to respond to the inquiries. If we need to use the personal information for other purposes, we will provide advance notification. If you do not agree with the other purpose, you can refuse such use at your own discretion.

《Disclosure of acquired personal information to third parties.》

We will not disclose the acquired personal information to any third party unless it falls under any of the following.
(1)In the case of disclosure with your consent.
(2)In the case of disclosure without information for personal identification.
(3)In the case of disclosure, to the extent necessary for achieving the purpose of use, for a third party such as a contractor who has concluded a confidentiality agreement with us in advance.
(4)In the case where laws or regulations are applicable, or in the cases of disclosure in response to requests based on relevant laws or regulations.

《Inquiry about personal information》

For inquiries about your personal information, please contact below.
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